Formidable Pro v2.0.03 + Addons Pack

Formidable Pro v2.0.03
Formidable AWeber Add-On v1.0.01
Formidable Bootstrap Add-On v1.01.02
Formidable Highrise Add-On v1.0
Formidable Locations Add-On v1.0.02
Formidable MailChimp Add-On v1.04.01
Formidable Math Captcha Add-On v1.10
Formidable PayPal Add-On v2.04.02
Formidable Registration Add-On v1.11.03
Formidable Signature Add-On v1.07.01
Formidable Twilio Add-On v1.02
Formidable Upload Importer Add-On v1.0
Formidable WPML Add-On v1.03.01
Formidable Zapier Add-On v1.0

Demo: https://formidablepro.com/
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Gravity Forms v1.9.6 + Addons Pack

Gravity Forms for Wordpress, v1.9.6
Gravity Forms Authorize.net Add-On v1.6
Gravity Forms AWeber Add-On v2.2
Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Add-On v3.3
Gravity Forms Coupons Add-On v2.1
Gravity Forms FreshBooks Add-On v2.2
Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On v3.6
Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v2.4
Gravity Forms PaypalPayments Pro Add-On v1.7.1
Gravity Forms PaypalPro Add-On v1.5
Gravity Forms Picatcha Add-On v2.0
Gravity Forms Polls Add-On v2.3
Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On v2.4
Gravity Forms Signature Add-On v2.3.6
Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On v1.6
Gravity Forms Survey Add-On v2.5
Gravity Forms Twilio v2.1
Gravity Forms User Registration v2.2
Gravity Forms Zapier Add-On v1.7

Demo: http://www.gravityforms.com/
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WPML v3.1.9.6 - Multilingual Plugin + Addons Pack

WPML WordPress Multilingual Core Plugin v3.1.9.6
WPML String Translation Add-On v2.1.3
WPML Translation Management Add-On v1.9.11
WPML Gravity Forms Multilingual Add-On v1.2.2
WPML WooCommerce Gateways Country Limiter Add-On v1.1
WPML CMS Nav Add-On v1.4.7
WPML Marketpress Add-On v1.1.4
WPML Media Add-On v2.1.9
WPML Sticky Links Add-On v1.3.9
WPML Theme Tester Add-On v1.0.1
WPML Translation Analytics Add-On v1.0.7
WPML XLIFF Add-On v0.9.8

Demo: http://wpml.org/
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139 Woocommerce Extensions + Updates

WooCommerce 2Checkout Gateway v1.3.9
Woocommerce 360 Image v1.0.1
Woocommerce Account Funds v2.0.3
Woocommerce Additional Variation Images v1.6.0
Woocommerce Address Validation v1.5.2
Woocommerce Admin Custom Order Fields v1.3.2
Woocommerce Advanced Notifications v1.1.11
Woocommerce Advanced Product Labels v1.0.1
Woocommerce Affiliates Pro v2.7.1
Woocommerce Affiliates Pro for Woocommerce Extension v1.4.1
Woocommerce Ajax Layered Navigation v1.3.9
Woocommerce Affiliates Pro for Woocommerce Extension v1.4.1
Woocommerce Amazon FPS Payment Gateway v2.2.0
Woocommerce Anti Fraud v1.0.1
Woocommerce Api Manager v1.3.9.3
Woocommerce Australia Post Shipping v2.3.4
Woocommerce Authorize.net AIM Gateway v3.3.2
Woocommerce Authorize Net CIM Gateway v1.4.1
Woocommerce Aweber Newsletter Subscription v1.0.9
Woocommerce Bookings v1.7.5
Woocommerce Branding v1.0.14
Woocommerce Bulk Variations Forms Plugin v1.3.2
Woocommerce Canada Post Shipping v2.3.6
Woocommerce Cart Notices v1.3.2
Woocommerce Cart Reports v1.1.8
Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options v2.5.10
Woocommerce Chained Products v2.2.3
Woocommerce Checkout Add-Ons v1.4.2
Woocommerce Checkout Fields Editor v1.4.1
Woocommerce Compare Products Pro v2.2.1
Woocommerce Composite Products v3.0.6
Woocommerce Conditional Content v1.1.5
Woocommerce Cost of Goods v1.7.3
Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns v1.0.1
Woocommerce Currency Converter Widget v1.3.2
Woocommerce Customer History v1.1.1
Woocommerce Customer Relationship Manager Plugin, v2.6.3
Woocommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite v1.4.2
Woocommerce Distance Rate Shipping v1.0.2
Woocommerce Drip Integration v1.1.3
Woocommerce Dwolla Payment Gateway v1.3.1
Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing v2.9.9
Woocommerce EU VAT Number v2.1.6
Woocommerce Email Attachments v3.0.1
Woocommerce Events Calendar Pro for Wordpress v3.9.3
Woocommerce Facebook Tab v1.1.7
Woocommerce Fedex Shipping API v3.3.1
Woocommerce Follow Up Emails v4.1.7
Woocommerce Force Sells v1.1.7
Woocommerce Free Gift Coupons v1.0.4
Woocommerce Give Products v1.0.4
Woocommerce Google Product Feed v4.0.1
Woocommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-ons v2.9.3
Woocommerce Groups v1.7.3
Woocommerce Instagram v1.0.6
Woocommerce Intuit Payments/QBMS Gateway v1.6.2
Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator v3.6.1
Woocommerce Min/Max Quantities v2.3.5
Woocommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses v3.2.18
Woocommerce Name Your Price v2.2.4
Woocommerce Newsletter Subscription v2.2.5
Woocommerce One Page Checkout v1.1.5
Woocommerce Order Barcodes v1.2.0
Woocommerce Order Status Control v1.3.0
Woocommerce Order Status Manager v1.1.4
Woocommerce Order/ Customer/Coupon CSV Import Suite v2.7.1
Woocommerce Order/Customer CSV Exporter v3.9.1
Woocommerce PDF Invoices v3.0.1
Woocommerce PDF Product Vouchers v2.3.3
Woocommerce PayMill Gateway v2.5
Woocommerce PayPal Advanced Gateway v1.13
Woocommerce PayPal Digital Goods v3.1.1
Woocommerce Paypal Express Gateway v3.3.1
Woocommerce Paypal Pro v4.3.2
Woocommerce Payza Gateway v1.3.0
Woocommerce Per Product Shipping v2.2.0
Woocommerce Photography v1.0.3
Woocommerce Points and Rewards v1.4.1
Woocommerce Popup Splash v1.2.1
Woocommerce Address Validation v1.5.2
Woocommerce Pre-Orders v1.4.2
Woocommerce Print Invoices and Packing List v2.5.0
Woocommerce Product AddOns v2.7.3
Woocommerce Product Brands v1.2.9
Woocommerce Product Bundles v4.9.3
Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite v1.9.19
Woocommerce Product Documents v1.3.0
Woocommerce Product Enquiry Form v1.1.8
Woocommerce Product Finder v1.1.5
Woocommerce Product Image Watermark v1.0.5
Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.0.6
Woocommerce Product Search v1.3.0
Woocommerce Product Vendors v1.1.11
Woocommerce Products of the Day v1.1.2
Woocommerce Purchase Order Gateway v1.1.1
Woocommerce Quick View v1.1.3
Woocommerce Recommendation Engine v2.1.2
Woocommerce Redsys Gateway v1.9
Woocommerce Role Based Payment / Shipping Methods v2.0.5
Woocommerce Royal Mail v2.2.1
Woocommerce SagePay Form Gateway v2.2.6
Woocommerce Sales Report v1.0
Woocommerce Sensei BadgeOS v1.0.2
Woocommerce Sensei Certificates v1.0.9
Woocommerce Sensei Drip Content v1.0.2
Woocommerce Sensei LMS v1.7.7
Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro v1.7.0
Woocommerce Shipment Tracking v1.3.5
Woocommerce Shipping Local Pickup Method Plus v1.10.1
Woocommerce Smart Coupons v2.8.6
Woocommerce Social Login v1.4.1
Woocommerce Software Add-On v1.4.3
Woocommerce Stamps.com API v1.1.4
Woocommerce Stock Management Plugin v1.9.3
Woocommerce Store Credit v2.1.3
Woocommerce Storefront Blog Customiser v1.0.1
Woocommerce Storefront Checkout Customiser v1.0.4
Woocommerce Storefront Designer v1.5.1
Woocommerce Storefront Parallax Hero v1.1.4
Woocommerce Storefront Woocommerce Customiser v1.4.1
Woocommerce Stripe Payment Gateway v2.4.2
Woocommerce Subscription Downloads v1.1.0
Woocommerce Subscriptions v1.5.24
Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping v2.8.3
Woocommerce Tabs Plugin v1.2.0
Woocommerce Tickets Plugin v3.9.3
Woocommerce Twilio SMS Notifications v1.4.0
Woocommerce UPS Shipping v3.0.0
Woocommerce URL Coupons v1.3.2
Woocommerce US Export Compliance v1.0.4
Woocommerce USPS Shipping v4.2.2
Woocommerce Variation Swatches and Photos v1.6.6
Woocommerce Waitlist v1.3.7
Woocommerce Wishlist Member v2.4.1
Woocommerce Wishlists v1.7.3
Woocommerce WooSlider Products Slideshow v1.0.9
Woocommerce WooSlider v2.2.0
Woocommerce Xero Integration v1.6.6
Woocommerce eWAY Payment Gateway v3.1.2

Demo: http://www.woothemes.com/product-category/woocommerce-extensions/
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Codecanyon Creative socials

It Includes 62 Social Icons. Social Icons Profile Users. web Social Icons In ShortCode. Profile Social Icons In ShortCode. Drag And Drop. Widgets Social Icons.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/creative-socials/8366127
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HEAP v1.5.9 - A Snappy Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

HEAP is a Personal Blogging Theme for WordPress and an effortlessly tool for publishers of all kind, cherished for its flexibility, clean layouts and speed. Whether you’re looking to share your own thoughts, write about your latest findings or just have a scrapbook of photos, videos, quotes or other stuff, HEAP is designed to fulfill these and a lot more.

Demo: http://themeforest.net/item/heap-a-snappy-responsive-wordpress-blog-theme/7422943
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Litte - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Litte is clean, functional, fully responsive, multipurpose theme suitable for both businesses and individuals, it can serve as portfolio, blog or both. With the extensive documentation, containing video tutorials that cover the features and options, setup and customization will feel like a breeze. “Page Extender” plugin, which is packed with the theme, adds custom page templates with various layouts and options, extending the default functionality of it.

Demo: http://themeforest.net/item/litte-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6688358
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Marroco v1.4  - Wordpress Magazine Theme

Marroco is a responsive, modern, flexible and clean WordPress theme suitable for magazines, newspapers, blogs or article websites. It was created to showcase your content in a clean, minimal, and fashionable space. Marroco includes a custom Drag and Drop Page Builder that does not use shortcodes or need any type of code to be inputted and allows you to quickly create or change complicated homepage layouts within a few clicks.

Demo: http://themeforest.net/item/marroco-wordpress-magazine-theme/7999223
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Kindness v1.3 - Premium WordPress Theme

Kindness is the best responsive wordpress theme for nonprofit organizations and charity foundations. Looks great on any device with any screen resolution. Supports Post Formats, has awesome widgets and a wide variety of useful shortcodes.

Demo: http://themeforest.net/item/kindness-premium-wordpress-theme/2464765
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Krwn - Responsive Creative and Business WordPress theme

Krown || Responsive Buniess WordPress theme is Modern and clean type WordPress Theme with great typography. Our Theme contains latest features to give your site a trendy look. Krown has been made fully responsive. Our great efforts made it possible to give a great user experience to Krown with HTML5, CSS3, less, .It is easy to customize and enables you to create lots of positions for short-codes and plugins.Integrated shortcodes might reduce your time in typing codes.

Demo: http://themeforest.net/item/krwn-responsive-creative-and-business-wordpress-theme/10379452
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  • admin
    Engine v1.4 - Drag and Drop News Magazine w/ Minisites (2)

    Author: admin
    News Title: Engine v1.4 - Drag and Drop News Magazine w/ Minisites

    Quote: respectzr
    SHA256: ba83c6d6e8a86754b8f95c7230e530b854d48fb975e5b969b1f4f9b927fdb4b8
    File name: Engine v1.4 – Best 2015 Drag and Drop News Magazine Themes.rar
    Detection ratio: 1 / 57
    Analysis date: 2015-03-31 12:50:23 UTC

    Please give one without webshell. Thanks!

    That doesnt look like the file on here! Anyhow, its probably a false positive.
  • respectzr
    Engine v1.4 - Drag and Drop News Magazine w/ Minisites (2)

    Author: respectzr
    News Title: Engine v1.4 - Drag and Drop News Magazine w/ Minisites

    SHA256: ba83c6d6e8a86754b8f95c7230e530b854d48fb975e5b969b1f4f9b927fdb4b8
    File name: Engine v1.4 – Best 2015 Drag and Drop News Magazine Themes.rar
    Detection ratio: 1 / 57
    Analysis date: 2015-03-31 12:50:23 UTC

    Please give one without webshell. Thanks!
  • nulledgod
    ADS PRO v1.1.24 - Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager (3)

    Author: nulledgod
    News Title: ADS PRO v1.1.24 - Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager

    interested in latest version... please upload
  • MauricioAedo
    Bliss v3.0.1 - Themeforest Personal Minimalist Blog Theme (1)

    Author: MauricioAedo
    News Title: Bliss v3.0.1 - Themeforest Personal Minimalist Blog Theme

    Great theme, I use it in my personal blog mauricioaedo.com but this version is not compatible with WordPress 4.1.3.

    The lastest version of the theme is 3.0.3 and solved it.

    Please upload it, regards.
  • emory
    Gameday v2.5 - Themeforest Wordpress Sports Media Theme (1)

    Author: emory
    News Title: Gameday v2.5 - Themeforest Wordpress Sports Media Theme

    Hello admin, where I can get the content dummy? thank!