A top-notch solution to share your online magazine Neu is a magazine WordPress theme designed for a news site with a huge amount of content. Perfect for web publishers who deliver regular topic-centered content. Not only Neu is fully capable to handle your daily updates, it also provides you with a visually interesting solution.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/neu/
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Turns your website into a professional & attractive news/magazine site Nocturn is a clean, easy to read architecture that is primarily focused on the content. With this theme you could turn your website into a professional & attractive newspaper or magazine site very easily. You can write and organize your news and stories into categories, all through the user-friendly and convenient WordPress interface.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/nocturn/
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Opulence is all you need to start an online high fashion store. Sell hottest stilettos, designer bags, jewelry pieces, fabulous outfits and all things fashion. Talk about high fashion WordPress theme, Opulence is so many things in one. Its monochromatic color scheme radiates elegance and luxury. Its structured design stands out with editorial images that bring lust for fashion. It’s backed with a choice of powerful WordPress e-commerce plugins that ensures smooth online shopping experience.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/opulence-woocommerce/
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A magazine-style child theme for Backbone Papuros is a Child Theme of Backbone Theme Framework that has magazine-style layout. Papuros puts a lot of content on the page. The homepage layout shows excerpts of headlines of articles from a variety of different categories or topics on the front page, allowing visitors to have easy access to more content compared to a typical blog-style layout.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/papuros/
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Built your own good-looking business site The Parasol theme is tailored to fit any kind of business of any size. Parasol will help you build a fast-loading website that will attract new business, project a professional image, and allow you to communicate effectively with customers, members, or employees.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/parasol/
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Let the world see what you're about at a glance Persona is a blog WordPress theme that will turn your blog into a social tool. Whether it’s a tweet on Twitter, a snapshot on Instagram, a recent post on Facebook or a vacation photos on Flickr, Persona will gather all you’ve posted on the internet, organize and bring them into focus. All posts are being displayed very attractively by visually promoting any image or video that is contained in the post.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/persona/
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Start your emporium of luxurious branded items. Piazza is made and built to boost up your online sales and revenue. Get into the online industry of fashion and accessories with Piazza and build your own emporium of branded items. Having a clean and highly-customizable design, Piazza can be easily tailored to suit any brands and products. The minimalist look and abundance of white space are two strong design features that Piazza proposes.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/piazza-woocommerce/
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A total makeover for your WordPress site Platformate is a grid-styled, whitespace-lover theme, powered with the automatic thumbnail generation feature. Maintaining the well-known time-based post listing, Platformate is awesomely designed to wrap a personal blog.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/platformate/
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An attractive solution for content-heavy website Reportage is a clean, sophisticated newspaper-style WordPress theme tailored for news websites, writers, journalists, or professional blogs that has a lot of content.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/reportage/
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A clean WordPress magazine theme with an uncluttered feel. Initiator lets you initiate your online magazine business without any complications. If you want to share great content with your readers, then Initiator is for you. Initiator is suitable for online newspaper websites that prefer to have light look and white-clean spaces that give your website an uncluttered feel. Your readers will keep their focus on your greatest asset, your site

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/initiator/
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  • mxoo
    Divi v3.10 - Elegantthemes Premium Wordpress Theme (4)

    Author: mxoo
    News Title: Divi v3.10 - Elegantthemes Premium Wordpress Theme

    Here you go Divi Marketing layouts
  • sandip2805
    Scrapes v1.4.3 - Web scraper plugin for WordPress (1)

    Author: sandip2805
    News Title: Scrapes v1.4.3 - Web scraper plugin for WordPress

    The Plugin isn't working does anyone have any solution??
  • k0c1
    ezBoozt v1.2.0 – All-in-one WooCommerce WordPress Theme (1)

    Author: k0c1
    News Title: ezBoozt v1.2.0 – All-in-one WooCommerce WordPress Theme

    Can you update this theme to latest version thanks :) .
  • ANZ DaOod
    Divi v3.10 - Elegantthemes Premium Wordpress Theme (4)

    Author: ANZ DaOod
    News Title: Divi v3.10 - Elegantthemes Premium Wordpress Theme

    Yes but they removed the option to download from their website since 3 months. Can you upload this layout please ?

  • admin
    Divi v3.10 - Elegantthemes Premium Wordpress Theme (4)

    Author: admin
    News Title: Divi v3.10 - Elegantthemes Premium Wordpress Theme

    Quote: ANZ DaOod
    Admin please do something for its layout packs. Divi do not worth without its layouts. Please either upload separately or in Bundle like 2017 BlackFriday in November.

    They have free layout packs on their site.