A simple PHP FAQ Manager script is designed to allow you to quickly add and manage a collection of frequently asked questions which can be displayed on your website or used in wordpress.
It includes a Wordpress plugin for easy integration, and instructions for using it with any other PHP Website.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/faq-manager-standalone-or-integrate-to-wordpress/335967
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Masonry Tube is a user friendly, highly customizable WordPress plug-in that leverages the power of the Jquery Masonry and the YouTube API . It works out of the box with WordPress 3 to allow for easy content management and even easier implementation.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/masonry-tube-wordpress-plugin/2168059
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A very simple way to show a youtube playlist with jquery and fully responsive player. You can choose the following playlists. A regulair playlist (the default), user_uploads (channel), make a list with search keywords or make your own custom list all with the use of shortcodes.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-responsive-youtube-playlist-for-wordpress/3782097
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Shipping Details Plugin is a Wordpress Plugin which allows the WooCommerce Plugin Users to enter Shipment Tracking Number and Display them on Track you Order and View Order Pages and also send them via Email when Order is marked Complete.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/shipping-details-plugin-for-woocommerce/2018867
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You know many websites those earn Envato Affiliate Program (referral). You have an open chance to have a website similar those. This plugin helps you to collect and show marketplace items’ information automatically and immediately on your site. Of course with your referral link. Therefore you don’t need to waste your time for creating posts with new marketplace items.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/cashcow-affiliate-based-money-making-system/4723003
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Ideas! is a slick and minimal Feedback and Submission system, it lets you engage with your customers, offer an interactive and instant feedback / commenting system via modal or inline, or a mini private support system, track bugs, collect user ideas and votes or manage a private team project.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/ideas-interactive-feedback-and-commenting-system/4392757
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The iGallery is an interactive WordPress photo gallery plugin, best fit for creative and corporate portfolio websites, that lets you create beautifully animated galleries with a modern look and smooth animations.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/igallery-interactive-wordpress-photo-gallery/4383911
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Meme Generator is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to transform any WordPress site into a funny blog with user-generated content. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that internet memes are all the rage right now. You could spend countless hours searching the internet for funny images or you could allow your site’s visitors to create memes with Meme Generator in seconds

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/meme-generator-wordpress-usergenerated-content/3768291
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You can easily tag your images or you can create fancy tooltips on your images. It is compatible with most of the browsers and of course it is highly customizable! It supports also permission control and it is deeply integrated with WordPress. You can allow your users to create stickies but you can approve or reject them from a pending list.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/wpstickies-the-premium-image-tagging-plugin/2796237
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From the creators of the best selling Flip Book ever, we present Responsive Flip Book WordPress Plugin. It is fully HTML & jQuery driven no Flash Player needed. Works on desktop and mobile devices! You get the same experience on every platform because responsive design makes it look good on all resolutions. Easy to customize with an advanced admin panel.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-flip-book-wordpress-plugin/2372863
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  • abhishekgupta54
    WP Pro Real Estate 7 v2.5.4 - Responsive Real Estate Theme (1)

    Author: abhishekgupta54
    News Title: WP Pro Real Estate 7 v2.5.4 - Responsive Real Estate Theme

    can you please upload the latest version of WP Pro real estate 7 theme - Version: 2.5.5
  • frankenstein
    ARForms - Wordpress Form Builder Plugin v2.7.8 (2)

    Author: frankenstein
    News Title: ARForms - Wordpress Form Builder Plugin v2.7.8

    Quote: markus
    i get this message

    Powered by ARForms

    replace arforms/core/views/form.php
  • telarc
    Health Medical Center v16.4 - Responsive Theme (1)

    Author: telarc
    News Title: Health Medical Center v16.4 - Responsive Theme

    Very goog hospital theme
    but woman is very sex.

    Anyway thank you
  • markus
    ARForms - Wordpress Form Builder Plugin v2.7.8 (2)

    Author: markus
    News Title: ARForms - Wordpress Form Builder Plugin v2.7.8

    i get this message

    Powered by ARForms
  • krishpritham
    Divi Booster v2.3.7 (1)

    Author: krishpritham
    News Title: Divi Booster v2.3.7

    I've been waiting for this. Please upload all the divi plugins, its wonderful stuff.
    I also need Divi ghoster 2.0. Please upload atleast this.

    Thank you.