A total makeover for your WordPress site Platformate is a grid-styled, whitespace-lover theme, powered with the automatic thumbnail generation feature. Maintaining the well-known time-based post listing, Platformate is awesomely designed to wrap a personal blog.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/platformate/
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An attractive solution for content-heavy website Reportage is a clean, sophisticated newspaper-style WordPress theme tailored for news websites, writers, journalists, or professional blogs that has a lot of content.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/reportage/
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A clean WordPress magazine theme with an uncluttered feel. Initiator lets you initiate your online magazine business without any complications. If you want to share great content with your readers, then Initiator is for you. Initiator is suitable for online newspaper websites that prefer to have light look and white-clean spaces that give your website an uncluttered feel. Your readers will keep their focus on your greatest asset, your site

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/initiator/
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Before the bride walks down the aisle, before the centerpieces have been placed, before the programs have been passed, it’s the invitation that truly sets the tone for your event. Celebrate the happiness that friends and families are always giving. Invite them online to share your wonderful life moments. All made easy by Invitora, an event invitation WordPress theme.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/invitora/
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Create your own professional job board website with practically no effort. JobJockey is a cost-effective solution to online job posting and application within WordPress. JobJockey is a premium WordPress application theme that will help you start your own job board with practically no effort. As your business grows, you’ll need to attract new talents and that won’t be easy. You’d be busy searching for talents but we can help with the technical stuff.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/jobjockey/
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For an appropriate and professional exposure on the internet Kirei is a beautifully styled theme for your WordPress business website. Designed specifically to meet to many kinds of business projects, but it’s deeply suitable for creative, portfolio and showcase website. It is the perfect solution if you need an easy solution with an eye-catching design for your business’s online presence.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/kirei/
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An easy access to high volumes of content Le Journal WordPress Theme is built for magazine, blog, news, or any publishing-style website. It is a versatile theme designed to look great with a lot or a little amount of content. The theme features several widgetized sections, and the three column layout is ideal for advertisements and affiliate links. The design is sleek and modern, but easily customizable to match your particular need.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/le-journal/
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Please welcome the easiest and most efficient way for you to build an online identity. Minuet will publish your thoughts, ideas and most importantly, your music. Musicians need websites. People around the world have found WordPress to be an easy way to publish their thoughts and ideas. So, why not musicians? Maybe you already have a WordPress blog. Maybe you just need a new, flexible website, but you don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/minuet/
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A simple magazine look and clear layout for your site Modernizm is a modern-looking premium WordPress theme suited for online magazine, news portal or even personal web site. Its simple and clean layout make reading content easy and comfortable.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/modernizm/
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Your blog doesn't have to be ugly Momentum is a WordPress theme designed for personal blog and journal. It is fast, slim, SEO friendly and also includes all the features you want for your blogs. With clear and concise navigation, your readers will never lost their way.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/momentum/
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