All the great times, all the wonderful memories Oh, how lovely it would be if you could keep all the memories of those great times of your life. Freeze the moments, post them online and share them with your loved ones, no matter where they are. Narcilicious helps you achieve exactly that. It turns WordPress into a good looking online photo album

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/narcilicious/
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An e-commerce child theme for the Backbone Theme Framework. Dedicated to boutiques, indie retailers and fashion entrepreneurs. The Cloth WordPress theme offers boutiques, retailers and indie labels and e-commerce solution to sell through their website. Cloth will give the customers a smooth, attractive, easy, fun shopping experience and they are more likely to complete the purchase and they are more likely to come back again later.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/cloth-woocommerce/
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A Classified Ads theme with a super-clean layout Classifier WordPress theme will help you develop a classified ad website in which you can add your ads, renew your ads, delete your ads, or add or modify multimedia files to your ads. Classifier theme can be adapted to community websites, business directories, personal ads, real estate listings, auto ads, miscellaneous items for sale and much more.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/classifier/
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Tumblr is beautiful, WordPress is powerful. Get the best of both worlds and start your own Tumblr blog on WordPress. Burogu utilizes the WordPress versatile post-format feature and lets you classify your blog posts just as Tumblr does. Burogu makes your daily life sharing easy as it gives you flexibility over post layout. A blog post containing hundreds of words will look just as beautiful as a short post of a one-sentence quote. Several preset post-format options are available (e.g. video, image, quote, link, aside, gallery, status, audio, chat and many more) so you can start blogging different types of content right away

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/burogu/
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Take your news website to a whole new level Now you can build your own professional news portal with WordPress, quickly and easily. Specifically designed for news blogs and newspaper websites, BloggingNews is a great way to present your latest news articles.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/bloggingnews/
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A powerful theme framework with infinite customization possibilities. Backbone features numerous child themes, built-in page templates, a powerful theme panel and more. An important thing about a theme framework should be the ultra clean, simple design that gives way to a vast array of customization possibilities, layout and features. Backbone is developed with the new and veteran WordPress users in mind and we will pack this framework with vast array of customization possibilities, layout, features and first rate SEO optimization for ease of use and expandability.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/backbone/
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Unleash the true power of WordPress Arthemia is a magazine-styled theme that unleashes the true power of WordPress, creating a simple-yet-powerful content management system with an automatic thumbnail generation feature. An elegant blend of a blog and a magazine.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/arthemia-premium/
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New concept, new design, new experience Archieplus is a premium theme for those who desire a professional-looking web site that comes with the famous simplicity of a blog management. Feel the new concept, new design, new experience, and new atmosphere of blogging.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/archieplus/
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A cheerful and beautifully designed WordPress theme Allegro is a cheerful and beautifully designed premium WordPress Theme. Its bright color combination brings nostalgic feeling to your heart. This vibrant colored theme is ideal for your blogging experience, both personal and professional. WordPress is the absolute best blogging platform and Allegro will make your site really stand out from the crowd.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/allegro/
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If you are involved in affiliate marketing, or would like to get started in affiliate marketing, and is looking for a WordPress theme for your affiliate site, then the following theme will surely get your attention.

Demo: http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/affiliateboard/
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