WP-Chatter is colorful, modern-looking WordPress Magazine theme that offers multiple layouts and options, all of which are easy to change via the built-in control panel. It can be used as a simple blog, a magazine site or a news site

Demo: http://wp-chatter.solostreamsites.com/
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WP-Bold is an elegant, modern WordPress theme designed to help you and your brand be all you can be. With its multiple featured content sliders and home page layouts, it's well-suited for an online magazine or news site. Yet, it's versatile enough to serve nicely as a business blog or website.

Demo: http://wp-bold.solostreamsites.com/
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There's no other way to say it. WP-Blossom is our best theme ever (so far). It not only offers a sleek, modern design that's bound to get attention, but it's also bursting at the seams with added functionality. Scan the list below, then view the demo site, and you'll understand why WP-Blossom can help take your business to a place it's never been.

Demo: http://wp-blossom.solostreamsites.com/
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Ask any online marketing expert, and they'll likely tell you that - to be successful online - you have to develop an email database of people who are interested in what you have to offer. That's where WP-Attract comes in. With its clean design and optional built-in video email capture form right on the home page, you have just about everything you need to build your list quickly and easily.

Demo: http://wp-attract.solostreamsites.com/
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If dark and mysterious is your thing, you'll love WP-Mysterious. With its dark, yet professional design, it's a WordPress theme that's bound to create a lasting impression on your site visitors. WP-Mysterious is loaded with features and is suitable for a business website, blog or online magazine

Demo: http://wp-mysterious.solostreamsites.com/
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WP-MediaMag is modern WordPress magazine theme designed for publishers who like to upload media, such as videos and photos. Its expansive control panel makes it easy to use and tweak the many available options and layouts.

Demo: http://wp-mediamag.solostreamsites.com/
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Clean, modern and professional-looking. That's what you get with WP-Launch. Whether you want a business website, a simple blog layout or a full-fledged magazine-style site, WP-Launch makes it quick and easy to create a site that is sure to impress your site visitors

Demo: http://wp-launch.solostreamsites.com/
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Whether you want a clean, simple business blog/website or a full-fledged online magazine, WP-Inspired is built to please. Clean, professional and sexy design make the premium WordPress theme something to write home about. Go ahead, get Inspired.

Demo: http://wp-inspired.solostreamsites.com/
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WP-Glide is a professional WordPress theme that's clean, flexible and suitable for a a business website, blog or online magazine site.

Demo: http://wp-glide.solostreamsites.com/
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WP-Genius is a premium WordPress magazine theme that's professional, modern and easy to use. It includes an expansive control panel that makes it easy to change and tweak the many available options

Demo: http://wp-genius.solostreamsites.com/
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