Breek v1.3.0 - Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress

Breek v1.3.0 - Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress
Breek is a super modern Blog focused on high speed and vivid colors, the theme fits perfectly any kind of blog specially personal, resources, freebies or biography blogs. It is super light, this fast theme was made with multiple techniques to achieve excellent Scores on Google, also we keep in mind the code quality and SEO. It is easy to use and customize. Includes 11 customs widgets and a powerful theme options panel to make easier the administration. Breek has RTL support and it is multilanguage, includes: Turkish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.


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    wordinvestor wrote:
    Please upload latest version 1.4.0
    heliosantos wrote:
    Please upload

    v1.4.0 - 11 September 2019
    - Fixed: arrow default background color on Gallery Posts.
    - * Important fix: gradient and full background images not working properly on Android/IOS devices. There was a minor blank space on scroll only on mobile. This fix will pseudo-element solution, so probably some customers must use body:before instead of body custom CSS to apply their own custom backgrounds.
    - Fixed: sticky sidebar overlap on posts and pages.
    - Fixed: AOS.js map error.
    - Fixed: mobile footer not working properly when a custom sidebar is selected.
    - * Important fix: submenu arrows not working on IOS 6+ on Safari browser.
    - Improved: now ADS will use CSS to hide them on mobile/tablets (just to ensure ADS are removed if cache plugins are installed).
    - Improved: site_url was replaced with home_url on some pages.
    - Improved: removed AOS effects CSS to reduce the layout load, now plugins.min.css size is 130kb (160kb before).
    - Improved: now related posts use lazy load if enabled.
    - Improved: now lazy load has a minor delay to avoid unnnecesary load.
    - Added: now Carousel module has 2 new filter options: order by views and order by date (all time, past month and past week).
    - Added: now Recent Posts with Image Widget has a new filter: order by date (all time, past month and past week), this could be combined with posts views filter to show your most popular posts.
    - Added: new option on Theme Options -> Blog -> Global to change the number of visible categories, by default: 2.
    - Added: new option to disable default Open Graph meta tags on Theme Options -> Advanced Settings.
    - Added: new option to disable custom styles for Gutenberg Editor's backend on Theme Options -> Advanced Settings.
    - Added: new option to disable titles on Pages.
    wordinvestor wrote:
    Any chance to get new version?

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